Day One of ABA Therapy

Yesterday was day one of Avery’s ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy. If you haven’t had a chance to read Our Intro Into ABA Therapy, please click on the highlighted link. Of course, we are just getting started, but I think I was more excited then Avery!

His therapist arrived a little before noon and Avery met her at the door. Instead of calling her by her name he called her ‘ring around the rosy’, because this is what he remembered her by when he met her a few days prior. After coming in and greeting us, she let us know that the first two days of therapy would be focused on building a relationship with Avery. Allowing Avery to get familiar and comfortable with her.  Avery requested to play ring around the rosy with her. After doing so, we decided to take a walk to the neighborhood playground. I was curious to see how Avery would do, walking to the park because just to walk to the end of the block, can be a hassle at times. I was surprised, shocked that he walked to the park with no problems.

While at the park, his therapist made it “All About Avery” and whatever he wanted to do, that is what she did. I loved the fact that she would point out different sounds and objects to him. While he was swinging, she would say, Avery do you hear the birds? What sound does the bird make? Then she would go on to list other animals and keep him engaged. She would ask him if he seen the trees and to point to them. While playing by the slides, Avery imagined he was preparing pizza and ice cream and serving it to her. They played at the park for a great period of time. Once Avery started to get quite, she asked him if he was ready to go back to the house. Avery said no and they played some more. On his third or fourth time at the swings, Avery mentioned the house and she asked are you ready to go. He doesn’t respond by saying yes, yet but he responded by saying get out. He wanted to get out of the swing. When we took him out of the swing,  she said to Avery, say bye-bye to the park and Avery said bye-bye and see you later. We began our walk home.

On our way back to the house, when we reached a curb and needed to cross the street, his therapist would point the street out to Avery, telling him that we needed to be careful when crossing the street. While walking home, Avery started to fall out, we thought it could have been because he was tired but we quickly realized that he was just trying to escape (elopement). Every time he would fall to the ground and we would let go of his hands, he would get up and take a run for it! So we played different games to redirect him from trying to escape. Some of the games we played were counting, on your marks, get set, go, and where is the house.

Once we made it back home, we got some water. Then the therapist and Avery went upstairs to play in his playroom.

Overall, I can say that Avery really enjoyed his first day of ABA Therapy. I’m curious to see what day three will entail.


What are your thoughts on ABA Therapy? Have you been through the therapy or know someone who has? Do you have a child on the spectrum, are you on the spectrum, or know someone who is?

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