Get Off Your High Horse And Bow

Have you ever been around a group of females, the ones that are usually called the mean girls? The girls that were beautiful and popular in high school. The ones that other girls would envy and wanted to be a part of their group. Not understanding in their immaturity that these were not the girls to envy.
How many of you admire these women who play on these reality shows, and actually say to yourself I want to be like her? What are you admiring? Is it the fact that she is classy? Does she not put other woman down? Is she not fighting, cursing and full of drama?  If we’re honest about it, drama is the exact thing that gets ratings for these shows.

There’s a story in the Bible about a woman named Abigail. She was married to a man whose name meant fool. Abigail was full of wisdom. So much so, when she heard that her husband had made a foolish remark to the very man who had protected his business, she literally got off of her horse to talk to David.  At that time, David was yet to be crowned King. But Abigail’s wisdom, had her bow down before him.

I believe it was not so much her words but her actions that saved her and her household that day. See, Abigail knew that she had to get off her high horse and bow down. She wasn’t bowing down to feminism, she wasn’t bowing down to some man, she was bowing down in humility and respect.

What are you bowing down to?  What are you refusing to bow down to? Is your refusal out of pride, or what others may say or think about you? Sometimes the greatest decision that a woman can make is getting off of her high horse and bowing down before God and laying everything out before him. Taking off the mask that she wears with everyone else, and being real with the Lord. I believe this is the very act that made Abigail such a wise woman. This very act literally saved her life, and actually made David think about his destiny. She made such an impression on David, that after she became a widow, she became David’s wife. Just like that, a woman that was married to a fool, became the wife of a King.

I SAMUEL 25:23
New International Version
When Abigail saw David, she quickly got off her donkey and bowed down before David with her face to the ground.

*Inspired by a sermon. In loving memory of Emma Watson.


What are you bowing down to? What are you refusing to come off your high horse and bow for?

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