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My name is Temara LeShaun. I am 37 years old. I was a single mother of one for 14 years until I married in 2013. My husband and I now have a son together who is on the autism spectrum and we are learning to blend while choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

As the creator and founder of MyTLCJourney LLC, TemaraLeShaun.com, an aspiring author, Life Coach, and Lifestyle Blogger and Podcaster, I inspire and educate people on how to live a healthier lifestyle by using honest applications of truth, humble beginnings, and my infectious love for people. I am dedicated and committed to lead anyone who will listen. In a place of harmony, by cultivating, inspiring and investing in the innumerable possibilities of wholeness and tranquility. I am also an advocate for Autism Acceptance.

My hobbies are reading books, and educating myself so I can be a vessel to help others. My passion in life is to help others become healthy and whole!

My Obstacles

In August 2014, I gave birth to my son, Avery. He was born a VERY HEALTHY boy at 10lbs and 21inches. After giving birth and going home 3 days later, I returned to the hospital with preeclampsia, eclampsia, hypertension, ecoli, kidney failure, pulmonary edema,a fever that would not break for 6 days! After spending about another week in the hospital, fighting for my life, I went home and a couple weeks later I had a stroke, at the age of 32. At that time, I knew if I wanted to be there for my family, I needed to change my life!

Towards the end of 2014, I went in for my check up with my OBGYN… I had an abnormal pap smear. The doctor told me, they needed to do a biopsy because I may have cancerous cells in my cervix… Talk about tired! You know the saying…

 You’re not sick and tired until you’re tired of being sick and tired!

That was definitely me! In January 2015, my biopsy came back negative for cancerous cells. Praise God!

The main motivating factor for me that caused me to rise above my circumstance was my children and my husband. I needed and wanted to be there for them!

At that time, I had no clue that I was pregnant with a vision and it was about to be birthed!


MyTLCJourney (MY TOTAL LIFE CHANGE JOURNEY) was birthed in February 2015. My quote at that time, and still is…

I’m Not Training For A 5K, I’m Not Preparing For A Competition, I’m Not Trying To Set A New Record, I’m Not Trying To Impress You, I’m Saving My Life!

When I first started my journey, I did not eat plant based. But I did eat very clean! With eating clean and working out… in 3 months I lost 35 lbs and reached my goal weight. I still continued to eat clean, workout, and document my journey… I had many people ask how I did it, and they would continuously ask for advice. My passion has ALWAYS been to help people succeed, so I came up with the MyTLCJourney Program. Where people could claim MyTLCJourney as their very own journey. In groups or 1-on-1 sessions, from Ohio, North Carolina, to Texas, I provided my clients with an ebook full of do’s and don’ts, examples, resources, templates and a lot more! I also walked with them 7 days a week, many hours a day… monitoring their weight, body measurements, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), progress pictures and their workouts! It was an AMAZING program that I built from the ground up!

God Said Let It Go

Around July 2016, I heard God say let it go…
Man, was I hurt! I not only built my program from the bottom up, I created my entire brand, website, everything with my own bare hands! It was a struggle, but I did as I heard and let it go! At this point, I really didn’t have a choice. In less than a weeks time, several clients contacted me individually stating they had to drop out for one reason or another. Of course, I didn’t understand what God was up to but, I trusted Him.

God Knew What He Was Doing

In August 2016, I started working a 9 to 5. The very next month my son, 2 years old at the time, was diagnosed with autism.


I look back now, and I completely understand why I had to let go of MyTLCJourney Program. There is no way I could have been effective to my clients in many different states while dealing with what was to come. I thank God!

Right after the diagnosis, my life consisted of trying to work full time, plus 10 hrs of mandatory overtime each week, and take my son that is always full of energy and never slept, to all of his specialty doctor appointments. To name a few, he has a Pulmonary Specialist, Behavioral Health Specialist, Two Neurologist,  an ENT Specialist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and so many more! Of course, Avery wasn’t sleeping, so I wasn’t sleeping. And even with no sleep, he was still so full of energy!

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on Avery!

My eating started to change for the worse. I barely went and worked out anymore. With the stress of work, Avery’s new diagnosis, all of his appointments, and just life itself…

Guess Who Got Sick Again? I Did!

You would be reading my story forever if I went into what happened this time around… It’s a good thing I can share this video with you! 😊

My Struggles Became My Success

My struggles became my success when I decided I had something to live for! Something to fight for! After getting sick again, and going through many test and procedures, I decided I was tired of waiting around to receive a diagnosis and I was going to take matters in my own hands and heal my body. I prayed to God. He said you already have everything you need!

Food became my medicine!

In July 2017, after watching the documentary “What The Health”, I decided to change the way I ate. I removed meat, dairy, and eggs from my diet cold turkey. I started to document my journey again. In 5 weeks I was down 21 pounds. Not only did I lose weight, pretty much all of my symptoms were gone! I developed a passion for cooking plant based recipes and meals. And now, 7 months later… God, my C.E.O. has given me the vision for many different platforms to do what I love best, inspire, encourage, and helping anyone who will listen become healthy and whole!

  • MyTLCJourney CommUnity~ We are “Reclaiming Our Time, Our Health, Our Family and Wealth, CommUnity and most importantly OURSELVES! This CommUnity was created in late January 2018, my goal is to have the commUnity grow into different chapters around the world where we can build healthy relationships while encouraging and teaching one another how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. -Coming Soon… Plant Based Cookbook.
  • TemaraLeShaun.com~ Author, Life/Motivation Coach/Speaker, Blogger and Podcaster.
    • i.am.enough.~ Walking in The Pursuit of Wholeness and Tranquility! A CommUnity of women who encourage, inspire and learn from one another.-Coming Soon… i.am.enough. Podcast, & Mentoring Sessions.
      • Letter of H.O.P.E. were I receive letters from ladies seeking advice on how to deal with their daily hardships and situations. The goal is to Help Other People Endure ((H.O.P.E.))
      • HERSTORY (which you are currently reading) is designed to weekly highlight the story of at least one woman who has broken through major barriers, overcame adversity, and triumphed over obstacles. When she shares HER-STORY, of bravery and dedication, it becomes a source of inspiration for others to press forward and make their struggles, their success.
    • All About Avery~ Day and The Life With Autism. Autism Acceptance is imperative to me. Seeing that my soon was diagnosed at the age of 2, we’ve experienced so much in a short period of time. All About Avery will highlight the day and the life with autism, the good, not so good, and the ugly!  My goal is to build a commUnity where people with autism and their loved ones can come together, encourage one another, share and receive resources, be each others support, while advocating autism acceptance!  -Coming Soon… All About Avery’s Children’s Book Series.

Health Is Wealth


My advice that I would give to anyone who will listen, is to listen to your body and take care of it! Health is wealth! Do not think that you are too young to have a stroke, heart attack, or any other health problems. It can happen to anyone no matter your age. Let food be thy medicine! Never give up! What God has given to you, no-one can take it away!


I can be reached via email: info@TemaraLeShaun.com website: www.TemaraLeShaun.com and www.mytlcjourney.org

You can also find me on most social media outlets… under TemaraLeShaun.com or MyTLCJourney

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