When Is Enough, ENOUGH?

Have you ever woke up out of your sleep from a horrible (and I mean horrible) nightmare? Excited, that you jumped up just in the nick of time, right before you had to experience the horror that was about to happen next?

As your heart beats outside of your chest, you attempt to catch your breath.

And as you extend your hand towards your head, all you feel is a puddle of sweat.

You pinch yourself to confirm you’re still alive.

When it hurts, you realize…

Wait…. This is not a dream at all! This is your current life! The life that you live right now, this current minute, this current moment, unfortunately… This. Is. Your. Reality!

Whatever you are faced with, whatever you are currently going through… whether it is with a situation, a person, or even yourself, it is depleting you of all of your energy! No matter how much sleep you get, it’s never enough! You have lost your appetite, or you have become a binge eater under stress! You find yourself staying in the house, not wanting to be bothered. No one understands you, or everybody has an opinion on what you should do about YOUR situation! You feel lost and alone! Nothing seems to be going right! If your not arguing with him, you are arguing with her, and that person at work got one more time… and you mean just ONE more time, to try you before you give them a piece of your mind!

Oh, and lets not talk about your health! All of the stress is attacking your body and you can’t seem to get well! The doctor gave you a report, that you don’t even have time to digest! Or, you are too nervous to go to the doctors to find out why you are in so much pain, you can’t stay awake, and that rash just won’t go away!

As you sit up in your bed, in your head, you can’t help but to think… if it’s not my health, it’s my finances, if its not him, its her! If it’s not the kids, or that school, its my job, or my supposed to be best friend! It’s just always something and

It’s JUST All Too Much!
When Is Enough, Enough?


If you can relate to any part of what is mentioned above… I personally want you to know that you are not alone. And I welcome you to join:

i. am. enough.

As we walk in pursuit of wholeness and tranquility!

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