Who Is Avery?

Who is Avery? I’m so glad you asked! Avery is our precious (now, 3 year old) toddler! Born full term in August 2014, 10 pounds and 21 inches. He has kept us on our toes. Before day one, we knew that Avery was something special sent from God, especially for us!

What makes Avery so special? It could be the fact that he never stays still. He loves to kiss, hug and show affection. He climbs and jumps off of every piece of furniture. His latest craze is cardboard boxes and his favorite meal for the month is pancakes. He absolutely loves pancakes and can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Last month it was pizza! I would say, all of the above makes him special.

What really touches my heart is how Avery has literally changed my life and the way I think on a daily bases. September 20, 2016, I remember the day as if it was yesterday. At 2 years old, Avery was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I really never knew or understood how his diagnosis would change my life but as I mentioned above it truly has. Avery has shown me a different way to communicate, a different way to love, and a completely different way to live life! In no way am I trying to paint a picture and tell you that everything is great and wonderful, because that would be far from the truth. As you will see in future blogs and podcast, each day comes with it’s own trials and tribulations but each day is also what you make of it. So our days also come with love, laughter and fun!

With Avery’s invisible disability, one thing he has taught me at a very young age, is to not be so judgmental towards others. Through our eyes, a person may look completely fine, but you never know what someone is dealing with, going through or how their brain functions. We have to really consider where we take Avery.  If it is out to eat, to the mall, on vacation, etc… It’s not an easy task.  A lot of people stare, some people comment, “it’s okay to whoop your son”. Not knowing why or even asking why Avery may be having a meltdown. They easily prejudge the situation, Avery and I. There is a difference between just cutting up and not being able to communicate your needs with words. Because of Avery, I am able to see what may be invisible to others.

So, who is Avery to me? Avery is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me! He is one of the sweetest, loving people I know. Even at 3 years old, he’s thoughtful, he cares, he loves to make me laugh, and also push my buttons! He’s and inspiration. I know I’m his mom, but he’s teaching me so much. God blessed me with something so very special and his name is Avery!


Have you ever seen a Child having a meltdown out in public and automatically thought he OR SHE needs a SPANKING, they need to discipline their child, or that wouldn’t be my child?

That used to be me.


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