Mentoring is a unique and exciting opportunity for me to get to know you better and walk this journey of becoming healthy and whole with you more closely. The goal of the mentoring sessions is to share my experiences, trials, and triumphs in hopes that you will gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding while assisting you with handling your every day challenges.  Each mentoring session is unique because each individual is unique, so although I follow basic mentoring guidelines, there is no template that I use to mentor individuals. I do, however, work diligently and intentionally at making sure that I am the best fit as a mentor for you. My overall goal is to be a source of encouragement, hope, and wisdom as I actively participate in your growth from being simply present, to on the pursuit of becoming healthy and whole.



  • Women
  • Teenage Girls
  • Individual’s needing assistance with becoming healthy and whole.
  • Individual’s who suffer with low self esteem, anxiety, hardships, who wants to live a better life but not sure how.
  • Outside influences that desires to be a better support to others.


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Temara LeShaun